FEATURE FILM   Director Production Co. Format
Untitled Frank Lowy Project 2017 Steven Cantor Stick Figure Productions Sony FS7
The Combination 2: The Hard Road 2017 David Field, George Basha Handshake Films Arri Alexa
Cape Fear 2017 Macario De Souza Redbull Media House Sony FS7
Thrown into this World 2017 Antra Cilinska Jura Podnieka Studija Sony FS7
Happy Sad Man 2016 Genevieve Bailey Proud Mother Pics Sony FS7
The Pretend One 2015 Tony Prescott Teepot Films Sony FS7K
The Surgeon and the Soldier – Additional 2014 Martin Taylor/Margie Bryant Serendipity FIlms Canon C300
35 Letters – Reenactments 2014 Janine Hoskings iKandy Films Canon C300
Zach’s Ceremony 2013 Aaron Peterson Postbox RED EPIC
Legacy 2013 Tony Prescott Teapot Films RED EPIC
Stormsurfers 3D – Hawaii 2011 Justin McMillan, Chris Nelius Sixty Foot Films 3D VARIOUS
Heron’s Story 2008 Aaron March TaMarch VARICAM
TELEVISION   Director Production Co. Format
You See Monsters 2017 Tony Jackson Chemical Media Sony FS7
Game Changers 2017 Adam Marks Screentide Sony FS7
Rooster Teeth 2017 Blaine Gibson Lunacraft Red Epic
Hanging with Adam and Ash 2017 Matt Limpus Disney Channel Sony FS7
Beauty Crew 2017 Jakub Jacko Five Peas Sony FS7
BF Chefs 2016 Tansy Gardam Disney Channel Sony FS7
Hang Ash and Adam -Mia Masikowska 2016 Tim Abood Disney Channel Sony FS7
Re-Design My Brain Season 2 2015 Jeff Siberry Mindful Media Sony F55
Visions of Vienna 2015 Chris Abbott Blink TV Canon C300
Making Families Happy 2014 Martin Taylor Heiress Films Canon C300
The Memorial: Beyond the Anzac 2014 Janine Hoskings Eyeworks Australia Canon C300
Clean and Jerk 2013 Dan Reisinger Infinity Squared Arri Alexa
Love Bytes 2013 Tonnette Stanford Myrtle St Pictures BLACKMAGIC
Move it Mob Style 2013 Mayra Sonter Deadly Vibe Group Sony EX3
Fashion Week 2013 Katherine McIntosh Matchstix Canon C300
The Shire 3U 2012 Nick Davies Shine Australia SONY F3
Love Patrol Series 4 2010 Peter Walker WSB JVC HD201
COMMERCIAL   Director Production Co. Format
Crowne Plaza 2017 Scott Welsh Vertical Productions Sony FS7
Contiki Branded Documentary 2017 Aaron Peterson Postbox Sony FS7
Star Wars Promo 2017 Graham Read Disney Sony FS7
Commonwealth Bank 2017 Lucas Conway Mondo Media Sony FS7
KPMG 360 Experience 2017 Sean Bell Big Cookie Studios Nokia OZO
Foodbank TV Campaign 2016 Tony Prescott Havas Worldwide Arri Alexa Mini
iSeekPlant 2016 Tony Prescott Teapot Films Arri Alexa TV Campaign 2016 Jif Morrison Shotbox Red Dragon
Kidspot 2016 Adam Marks Screentide Sony FS7
V Energy Drink 2016   Done and Dusted Sony FS7
Westpac 2016 Lucas Bradley RCM Sony FS7
Kirin 2015   Spinnaker Films Sony A7s2
Opal Cards 2015 Luke Brown Spinnaker Films Sony FS7
Chivas Regal 2015 Tony Prescott Taxi Films Super 16mm, Sony FS7
Cochlear 2015 Yianni Warnock 50 Kaliber Sony FS7
Sea Shepard 2015 Tony Prescott Havas Worldwide Sony FS7
Portland Group 2015 Adam Marks Screentide Sony FS7
Garnier 2015 Adam Marks Screentide Sony FS7
Chivas Regal 2015 Tony Prescott Taxi Films Sony FS7, Super 16mm
Nature’s Own 2015 Tony Prescott Taxi Films Sony FS7
Metlife 2015 Adam Marks Screentide Sony FS7
ANZ 2015 Adam Marks Screentide Sony FS7
Redballoon 2015 Chris Vandenheuvel Screentide Sony FS7
Salesforce 2015 Matt Osbourne 50 Kaliber Sony FS7
Coke Life 2015 Robbie Moore Shotbox Sony FS7
Maretime Museum – Action Stations 2015 Tony Prescott Spinifex Group Sony FS7 RAW
Tip Top 2015 Aaron Pederson Shotbox Red Scarlett
NRMA 2015 Aaron Pederson Shotbox Sony FS7K
St George 2015 Aaron Pederson Shotbox Sony FS7K
Optus 2015 Kevin Lim Edge Media Sony FS7
ANZ 2015 Adam Marks Screentide Sony FS7
Jetmaster 2015 Adam Marks Screentide Sony FS7
Harris Farm 2015 Aaron Pederson Postbox Sony FS7
Motor Active 2015 Brett D’Souza Shotbox Sony FS7
La familiar 2014 Bryan Moses Shotbox Canon 5D
RedBull Airforce 2014 Tony Prescott The StoryLab Red Scarlett Dragon
Viva 2014 Peter Hitchcock Realplay Media Canon C300
Canon 2014 Jakub Jacko Shave Productions Canon C300
Priligy 2014 Tanya Babic Versus Canon C300
Virgin/Ozharvest 2014 Jason Sukadana Versus Canon C300
Humira 2014 Jakub Jacko The Shiz Canon 6D
NRMA 2014 Matt Bird AdBox Canon C300
Toyota 2014   Spinnaker Films Canon 5Dmk3
ANZ 2014 Miles Conti Screentide Canon C300
Ubank 2014 Tony Prescott Tee Pot Films Canon C100
Coke/Fifa World Cup 2014 Dan Reisinger Infinity Squared Red Epic
Virgin 2014 Emma Graham 50 Kaliber Canon C300
Temple and Webster 2013 Martin Taylor Two Taylors Canon C300
Eurovision 2013 Mike Cardillo Blink TV Canon 7D
Commonwealth Bank 2013 Jakub Jacko The Shiz Canon 6D
Samsung Galaxy Camera 2012 Jeff Feuerzeig Rare Icons Inc Canon C300
Woolworths ‘How to’ 2012 Martin Taylor Two Taylors Canon C300
Sky Racing 2012 Axel Newman Sky Racing 3D
Sony/Billabong 2011 Mike Calvino Billabong 3D
Dextro Energy Drink 2011 Micheal Pontin DMCI DSLR
MUSIC VIDEO   Director Production Co. Format
AA Dance to the beat 2017 James Barnes Universal Music Sony FS7
Katy Perry – Sydney 2017 Jakub Jacko Five Peas Sony
Bielfield 2016 Sam Harris SDH Sony FS7
Tenderfoot 2015 James Fenton John Vella Music Sony FS7
Lucy Burke 2015 Ben Hardie Ben Hardie Sony FS7
DJ Tigerlily 2015 Chrissie Hall Xray Doll Sony FS7
Reece Mastin – Rebel and the Reason 2015 Jonathan Vassallo PX Squared Red Epic Dragon
Van Cooper 2014 Chrissie Hall Xray Doll Red Epic
The Art 2014 Chrissie Hall Xray Doll Red Epic
Ben Smith-Peterson 2013 Van Vuuren Brothers Mediashack ALEXA 4:3 PV E-SERIES
Ben Hardie – Virgina Turtle Cake 2013 Craig Foster Myrtle St Pictures SUPER 8
Ellie Goulding 2013 Jakub Jacko The Shiz SONY F3
Gin Wigmore 2U 2013 Ben-Jae Candid BLACKMAGIC