Amazon Octopus Documentary

Amazon Octopus Documentary Explores the Four Life Cycles of the Octopus

Octopuses are some of the most intelligent and fascinating creatures on Earth. They are also one of the most mysterious, as little is known about their early life stages. This Amazon documentary takes viewers on an underwater journey into the four life cycles of the octopus: egg, larva, juvenile, and adult.

Through stunning underwater footage and expert narration, viewers will learn about the octopus’s unique biology, behavior, and intelligence. They will also discover how these amazing creatures adapt to their environment and survive in the wild.

Production Company: Jigsaw Productions / Nineminds
Executive Producer: Alex Lowry
Producer: Brent LaRash
Director: Sandi Tan
Fixer/Producer: Warren Keuning
1st AC: Micheal Fairbairn
Marine Biologist: Sabrina Velasco