Zach’s Ceremony

Zach’s Ceremony is a documentary film that follows the journey of Zach Doomadgee, a young Aboriginal man, as he prepares for his manhood ceremony. The film captures the challenges and triumphs of Zach’s journey, as he struggles to balance his traditional culture with the modern world.

Zach’s Ceremony is a powerful and moving film that offers a unique glimpse into Aboriginal culture. It is a film that will stay with you long after you have seen it.

‘In Sydney, they call me a blackfella; in Doomadgee they call me a whitefella. I don’t know who I am.’
Zach Doomadgee, 2012.

This is the deeply personal conflict at the core of ‘Zach’s Ceremony,’ a coming-of-age story about a modern- day young Aboriginal kid who straddles two worlds – black and white.

Shot over the last five years, Zach’s roller-coaster life brings his turbulent relationship with his father, a proud Aboriginal man, into sharp relief as he attempts to follow in his and his ancestor’s footsteps. This is an emotional story; the narrative is personal but the message is universal.

Production Company: Wingala Films
Produced By: Alec Doomadgee, Mitzi Goldman, Sarah Linton
Directed By: Aaron Peterson